Project Ideas

Union Cooperatives HealthTech Health Tech: Building social-medical systems to reduce the cost of health kits while making them accessible to ordinary people, and to stop healthy surveillance capitalism. Free Software provides the flexibility to develop the required tech EduTech Edu tech: Developing an end-to-end automated educational management application, while enabling users to concentrate more on knowledge sharing and to reduce the dependency on proprietary Edu-tech systems using free software. AssisitveTech Assistive tech: Assistive tech built as proprietary tech often misled the people, who extensively relying on them, thereby tracking them unknowingly to take control of the behavioral aspects. To de-void, the controlling sponsored by these tech systems, applications built on free software is the solution. Free Software based applications assist the people in enabling them to access their digital life irrespective of their physical/mental disabilities while transparently following the standardized protocols, scientific methods, and social guidelines to achieve the full efficiency of its use without leaving anyone behind. ClimateTech Climate Tech: Designing applications that model monitor pollution levels, weather forecasting, such as rainfall prediction, wind movements, management of water resources. GAFAM Analytica GAFAM Analytica: Giving more information about tracking and surveillance apps which misuse peoples information, also informing why free software is essential and how it helps in our daily life. Furthermore, GAFAM Analytica built on free software enables you to find the fallacies in the Web and Web-based applications adapted using a proprietary. HousingTech Housing tech: Developing the adaptable housing solutions to optimize the space while improving the living conditions in urban and rural areas with precision and privacy-oriented automation is an achievable thing. However, the tech employed for enabling such automation is the heart of accessing your data. This data about the multiple personnel living in the proximity is obtained by the tech devices that are developed using proprietary technologies and is often used for various purposes to gain profits without user consent. In contrary to this proprietary tech, free software enables the individual or the community to choose how it can be used with full control over it. TransportationTech Transportation tech: Achieving the needs of seamless transportation at-large requires open, portable and modular systems with ease of integration, ensuring the privacy-aware operations. Deploying such systems are only possible with Free Software based applications which providing real-time and optimized services through continuous data feeding systems in a controlled manner. CivicTech Civic tech: Proprietary tech often showed the signs of restricting the community voices that are against the interest of the tech group. Thus the requirement of having an application(s) built on Free Software is a focussed need. Fee Software based applications are employed to enable ease of accessing information, digital forums and community columns to create an environment for the possibility of forming advocacy groups that involve citizens to voice their opinions, that seeks for solutions. AgriTech Agritech: Adapting scientifically designed open applications to enable technology as a sustainable and scalable resource for farmers, and food producers need free software as a tool to optimize crop production and maximize crop yielding. This way of using free software enables the one to foresee the fallacies of the traditional practices, measurements and un-scientific approaches. Also, the use of Free Software increases the transparency in the dissemination of crop products with balanced pricing approach for producer and end-user, which is in contrary to the proprietary software that seeks profits by closed tech adapted malpractices.
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