Air Pollution prediction (Team - 3) Data Science

AIR POLLUTION refers to the release of pollutants into the air that are detrimental to human health and the planet as a whole.

Today air pollution has been one of the major problems to deal with for any nation. In South Asia it is ranked as the sixth most dangerous killer. One does not really realize the harmful effects of a problem if he/she has not experienced it in the first place. Take Delhi for instance, we all have experienced what it feels like inhaling in the ‘deadly’ smog that remained for about a week, after Diwali. Citizens were advised not to leave their homes, and were asked to wear masks whenever going outside. Looking outside the window made me feel like I was living in a gas chamber . Low visibility, high number of deaths etc were the effects of pollution.

we have decided to analyze and predict the air quality data of my own country to find some underlying principles or patterns which might give me an insight of how severe the problem really is and we must say the results were worth sharing.

tools used:

  1. python
  2. pandas
  3. keras
  4. geo pandas
  5. data sets


  1. analysis of air pollution in india over the years.
  2. prediction of air pollution for the future.