An intelligent Eye

This An Intelligent Eye project assumes that reader has a basic signal processing understanding and some algorithmic notions (complexity, optimisations). The aim of this project is to give the reader a little overview of the existing techniques in digital image processing.

We are developing software and software is a part of larger system, so work begins by establishing requirements for all system elements and then allocating some subset of those requirements to software. This system view is essential when software must interact with other elements such as hardware, people and database. System engineering and analysis encompass requirements gathering at system level with a small amount of top-level design and analysis.

Information engineering encompasses requirements gathering at the strategic business level and the business area level. In this step we just allot requirement to each system element according to their requirements. To begin with we decided the operating system that has to be used as building round for project development i.e. Windows NT/XP and then we decided the language to be used for developing the software i.e. JAVA 1.5.