Animal detection and crop protection system

Crops in farms are many times ravaged by local animals like buffaloes, cows, goats, birds etc. This leads to huge losses for the farmers. It is not possible for farmers to barricade entire fields or stay on field 24 hours and guard it. So here we propose automatic crop protection system from animals. This is a microcontroller based system using PIC family microcontroller. This system uses a motion sensor to detect wild animals approaching near the field. In such a case the sensor signals the microcontroller to take action. The microcontroller now sounds an alarm to woo the animals away from the field as well as sends sms to the farmer so that he may know about the issue and come to the spot in case the animals don’t turn away by the alarm. This ensures complete safety of crops from animals thus protecting the farmers loss.


Nice idea…but how’s the famer going to enter the field…?
Is there any kind idea of sensor or a security system for the humans to enter?


Nice but can you elaborate more and can you please explain in detail:thinking:

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Yes the micro controller is very much useful to the farmers.A microcontroller is a small computer on a single interacted circuit.

This idea is very useful and interesting :ok_hand:
We can not only protect the crops but also save the animals which are in danger and by the sensor signals we can detect them