Apple revokes enterprise certs of Facebook and Google on charges of snooping teens

Facebook and Google found to be running shady “research apps” to monitor and analyze user traffic and data on iOS, uncovered to violate Apple’s rules.

Apple revoked enterprise certs of both companies, this means they lost Apple approval to test apps, use tools on iPhones.

Few hours after revoking certs of both the companies, they are restored now.


So facebook and Google will continue to monitor and analyze user traffic on IOS even now but the only difference is this time they will be doing it with the permission of Apple or Apple will make sure that these companies just test their tools and apps and wont monitor or analyze data?

Nothing surprising in the shady part. Thats the business model of Facebook and Google, regarding Apple it always plays the I am holier than others drama!

Anyone new to the word GAFAM must realise that its a gangup where every product from each GAFAM player serves its own purpose of either data exploitation or data control.