Automated Highway System


   Automated Highway System (AHS)🤩 is an example of a large-scale, multi-agent, hybrid dynamical system. In this paper, the use of computer aided simulation tool for design and evaluation of control laws, for an AHS based on platooning, is outlined. The hierarchical control architecture for AHS is described along with the details of the simulation tool SmartPath. The role of SmartPalh in design and evaluation of AHS control laws is also depicted in the paper.
   The congestion of aircraft in the airspace around large urban airports strongly suggests the need to increase the efficiency of the current air traffic management system (ATMS). In a new research collaboration which includes UC Berkeley, NASA Ames Research Center, and Honeywell Systems Research Center, an architecture for a new ATMS is proposed. Research is focused on hierarchical, hybrid control systems and their application to air traffic management. The proposed architecture describes an automated, decentralized ATMS: much of the control functionality exists in the flight vehicle management system on board each aircraft rather than at the ground-based air traffic control. Aircraft trajectories are restricted in the airport region; outside this region the architecture allows for so-called "free flight". A simulation and visualization package for hybrid systems in the framework of ATMS is being developed to aid the design process.

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The Automated Highway System (AHS) concept defines a new relationship
between vehicles and the highway infrastructure. AHS refers to a set of designated
lanes on a limited access roadway where specially equipped vehicles are operated
under completely automatic control. AHS uses vehicle and highway control
technologies that shift driving functions from the driver/operator to the vehicle.
Throttle, steering, and braking are automatically controlled to provide safer and more
convenient travel. AHS also uses communication, sensor and obstacle-detection
technologies to recognize and react to external infrastructure conditions. The vehicles
and highway cooperate to coordinate vehicle movement, avoid obstacles and improve
traffic flow, improving safety and reducing congestion.

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