Blue Screen Error

My laptop is crashing almost once a week.
It displays a core dump error, dumps the memory into a file in C drive and creates a log of the event. I tried to find solutions for the log in the net but none of them seem to work.
Please help with this issue.
Thank you

Hello @RithikaAkula,
What is the operating system that you are using for the laptop ?

Hello @bhavabhuthi
The Operating System is Windows 7 Ultimate.

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Try installing Debian. Its a universal operating system.

You can find it here:

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Thank you for your time!
What would you suggest? Dual-booting both the OS, or completely shift to Debian?

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We would suggest you to completely shift to Debian.

Thank you @pavan
Will definitely take up Debian :+1:

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Even I was facing the same problem. Thanks @RithikaAkula , @pavan and @bhavabhuthi . Now I am shifting from windowa to debian.

@Omer Good to know that you are using Debian.
If you face any difficulties, please ping in

@pavan Thanks for your kind welcome for a new member like me in open source and free software group. Indeed I will let you know if I face any problem using debian.