Boot from a live USB and chroot into the OS

Many times we run into situations where we need to chroot into the current installed OS via a live USB.
Step 1 : Boot via live USB, preferably with GUI for easy copy paste
Step 2: Open a shell and get root access
Step 3: fdisk -l should give you a layout of your disks, also lsblk and then check which is the disk which mounts the filsystem of your installed Debian.
Step 4: Lets assume sda1 as a the location of your installed Debian and run these commands.
Step 4.1 mount the sda1 and cd to it mount /dev/sda /mnt and cd /mnt
Step 4.2 mount proc mount -t proc /proc proc/
Step 4.3 mount sys mount --rbind /sys sys/
Step 4.4 mount dev mount --rbind /dev dev/
Step 5: After all those steps you are ready to enter the chroot. Enter via chroot . the way to check if the chroot exists is via the name of the computer.