Command of the Day

gunzip file.suffix

gunzip uncompresses file.suffix (where suffixis .gz or perhaps .Z), deletes it and writes an uncompressed file called file.

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Thanks anil for initiating the command of the day. :+1:

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Short for “desk calculator”, dc is an arbitrary-precision arithmetic package

dc is a desk calculator which supports arbitrary, unlimited-precision arithmetic and reverse-polish (postfix) notation. It also allows you to define and call macros. Normally dc reads from the standard input.
dc [-V] [–version] [-h] [–help] [-e scriptexpression]
[–expression=scriptexpression] [-f scriptfile] [–file=scriptfile]
[file …]
(link to overall of command “dc”)

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Command of the day : PING

PING (Packet INternet Groper) command is the best way to test connectivity between two nodes. Whether it is Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN). Ping use ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) to communicate to other devices. You can ping host name of ip address using below command.

Syntax: ping <url/ip address>

Command of the Day:jobs

jobs is used to check present running jobs(processes).it Lists the status of all running jobs.

command of the day:cat

The cat command displays the contents of a file, printing the entire contents to the screen without interruption.


    Numbers the output on the left margin

command of the day:python -m SimpleHTTPServer
python -m SimpleHTTPServer command generates a simple web page over HTTP for the present directory in directory structure tree and can be accessed at port 8000 in browser till interrupt signal is sent.

Amazing initiative !!

One of my favorite commands/utilites is tmux.
It allows running sessions in parallel.

To install

sudo apt install tmux


Creating a new session

tmux new-session -s mysession

Listing sessions

tmux ls

Go to a session

tmux attach-session -t mysession

command of the day:dlocate

dlocate is a fast alternative to dpkg for queries like dpkg -L' anddpkg -S’

command of the day:crontab

The crontab (short for “cron table”) is a list of commands that are scheduled to run at regular time intervals on your computer system. The crontab command opens the crontab for editing, and lets you add, remove, or modify scheduled tasks.

Command of the day: nmcli

nmcli is a command with which we can control the network.

  • nmcli connection show shows the active network connection and the list of all connections.
  • nmcli device status shows the status of network devices.

For more advance usage do check the man page man nmcli

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