Corona Niyantran App ( using python and Machine learning )

Corona Niyantran app is a COVID-19 patient live tracking system. Friends who have experience in coding python and machine learning can come and make this project a grand success. This project can make the logical thinking and maturity of the people strong and also basics of the coding.

Working will be as follows:

 Corona Niyantran app is divided into 
  two stages:

First stage: The app is used to Represent the Covid-19 patients, the persons who met with them and cured patients will be represented in the map. They will be represented as three types: ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ on maps so that every normal people can find the patients and others around them. Only the prescribed category will be represented.
**Second Stage:**This app also shows Areas like madhapur, kukatpally etc. in the map to know the status of the places. They can also know condition of the places as Red zone, Orange zone, Green zone in the maps so that every people can know the exact condition of the places based on cases reported in first stage.

What we will use for developing this app?

  1. We will use Flutter for mobile app development.
  2. We will use python and machine learning for better security and live tracking.
  3. We will use map which can be used by everyone easily.
  4. We will use server and database for storing and providing the information.

Difference between Corona Niyantran App and Arogya Setu App:

  1. Arogya setu does not show the patients affected on Maps but according to the latest future on 5 July it shows as dots in a circular shape but it doesnt show the people on maps. Some legal issues like open sourcing.
    Corona Niyantran shows the patients on map. And also it will be open sourced as soon as possible.
  2. Arogya setu uses Bluetooth, location and data.
    Corona Niyantran also uses Bluetooth, location and data but only Positive patients data, the persons who met with them and cured patients will be visible. But not everyone.

I liked your idea. I think we can add geological data to it and maybe density based data. What do you think how can we extend a normal contract tracing?

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Like I think it is also contract tracing along with the corona patients will be represented as A on map. The person who met the corona patient will be as B on map. Cured patient will be as C on map. So that people can identify the corona people and persons met with them and also we can represent the areas based on cases represented on map will be two represent the areas as zones Red, orange and green. This is my detailed idea

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It will use ML algorithms for better privacy and security features than arogya setu. Arogya setu does not show the patients on map so that others can find them and be secure in that places. This app represents patients in map so that every people can find around them.patients will be tracked continuously and will be represented on map.