Covid Predictor

Covid-19, this topic needs no introduction, the entire world has turn upside down in just a couple of weeks.Huge number of lives both counted and uncounted are effected in a serious way. Since ours is the most sophisticated and comfortable generation ever, it’s our responsibility to come up with new ideas and inventions to stop the spread of corona virus.
Though the front-line workers(doctors) have been working selflessly, they are indispensable and the most vulnerable section of the society. Not only the doctors who are treating the COVID-19 patients but also other doctors like dentists, Orthopedists ,etc are feeling it difficult to treat the patients because they might get affected by COVID-19. The idea is to develop an online appointment booking system with a predictor which will help the doctors to protect themselves, to some extent from this deadly disease. The website offers the users to fix an appointment with their doctors based on the result of the predictor which predicts the chances of a person likely to have corona virus, taking into consideration some of the factors like cough, cold, tiredness etc. using Machine Learning.The result will tell the user whether he could successfully book an appointment or not.


Good topic.We can have a disscusion on this.Using Machine learning is a good way to slove the problem.:+1:

@saranya what are the future developments of this project.I would like to collaborate with you :grinning::grinning:

Please see my idea.My Project name is Hospital Finder.The link is given below: