Credit Card Transaction Using Face Recognition Authentication

Credit cards are widely being used all over the world. There is an assumption, that if one has a credit card and passes verification, the access is granted. Such an approach entails few threats: using of credit card being in possession of unauthorized people (stolen or just borrowed), risk of cloning card. One of the solution is verification of the biometric linkage between the signed facial image of the credit card holder embedded in credit card and the user’s facial image captured by a webcam during usage of the card. Our goal is to compare the similarity of faces embedded in the credit card and user. The face scanning is done using efficient facial image representation based on Eigen face texture features.:smile:


This technique identifies the theft and prevent customer data with security


@Rishi In today’s world, our personal data is being hacked within seconds. credit cards are one of them,so i think @Tejomai01’s post will be helpful in providing security to our cards… such a cool content it is…do check this out!!:heart:


good point!! :100::raised_hands::clap: @Tejomai01
Face Recognition is indeed an emerging technology and this idea would be a great application if implemented.


@Tejomai01 It is good idea. Technology companies have a privacy problem. They’re terribly good at invading ours and terribly negligent at protecting their own. they requires this more…Even police forces requires face scanning system.


@Tejomai01 post will be helpful in providing security to our cards