Data Security-Need of the Hour

Because of its lack of due diligence, a firm called Cambridge Analytica was able to access more Facebook user data than otherwise should have been able to.

This really brings up the fact how important it is for corporations to take control and responsibility for their users’ data.

There need to be some sort of transparent, democratic process for us to understand how our data are being used to prevent these kind of things from happening again.

Because right now, they just use our data however they want to, without our permission to do it, and that could be a big issue further down the road as our data become more and more available.

Data Security Measures:

  1. Establish strong passwords. Implementing strong passwords is the easiest thing you can do to strengthen your security.
  2. Put up a strong firewall.
  3. Install antivirus protection.
  4. Update your programs regularly.
  5. Secure your laptops.
  6. Secure your mobile phones.
  7. Backup regularly.
  8. Monitor diligently.

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