Debian 10 Buster release Party 🎉

Debian 10 code named Buster is releasing :heart_eyes: on July 6th. There are a bunch of release parties planned all over the world.


Yea, we can create a competition for designing the best poster for the release party and the best ones wins goodies. :yellow_heart:


Let’s make sure that we celebrate this day in all the colleges by migration to debian.

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Hello Everyone
We are celebrating a Debian 10 Release Party on the 6th of July from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Let’s come together and celebrate the release day of a new version of Debian GNU/Linux OS. This is an open event, everyone can attend.
All new ideas are welcome.

For more info


@Yuvraj Can you please write a blog post or summary post here in discuss about the Debian release party which happened! Lets not let it be forgotten in the history. :mantelpiece_clock:

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