# Dynamic Schedular

In this, application will dynamically prepares the schedule of all departments with respect to each class when they give required data.
A faculty can take leave from this and it will allocate that class to another faculty who is available automatically.
Students can check their attendance by mentioning their absence
Students can get notified about their library book date on the day and before


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Actually there is no clarity in what and how the code should be.I am searching from last 1hour but there is no proper output of it.we are totally clueless about next step for scheduling algorithm.

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@Priya :tipping_hand_man::point_right:You better mention some known members for the help/ideas you required from someone in the post you create to get the help a bit faster!! Rather posting the post only with the issue you are facing :man_shrugging: !!

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can anyone help us out with the scheduling algorithm?? @sainithin

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