E bin-project(smart bin)

Rapid increase in population has lead to improper waste management in metro cities and urban areas which has resulted in spreading of diseases.It is estimated that 2.02 billion tons of municipal solid waste must be managed properly to minimise the risks to the publi,and the environment.An efficient method to dispose the waste has been designed in our project,“E-BIN(automatic waste segregator and monitoring system)”.our project proposes an automatic waste segregator (AWS)which is cheap ,easy to use solution for a segregation system at households,so the wastes can be sent directly for processing.AWS is designed to sort the waste into three main categories namely;metallic, organic and plastic,thereby making the waste management more effective.Ultrasonic sensors are added for monitoring waste collection process.The sensors would be placed in all the garbage bins.when the garbage reaches the level of the sensor,then the indication will be given to a microcontroller.The microcontroller will give a indication to the driver of garbage collection truck by sending SMS using GSM technology.

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Great idea indeed
e-bin must be introduced to get rid of unwanted waste and garbage
It does the work which has to be done by the humans

With this we can maintain cleanliness around us. Its really important in everyones localty.