Ease of Donation (commodity)

Ease of Donation

Problem –Common people faces a problem that whenever they want to donate any item say clothes, rack, shoe, books, grains, etc. there are hassles like where to find a genuine needy person/NGO? How to reach to that person.

Solution- Swecha can provide an e-platform (web application) to both to donors and NGOs where donors can give the details of items to be donated and interested NGOs can connect to them (based on pincode numbers) and facilitate its picking up within reasonable time . Through this platform anything could be donated right from books, furniture, clothes, consumer durables, etc.

Tech Stack- HTML,CSS, JS, Database

Team size-3-4

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Good one.
Where does NGO’s get data from?
How are we planning to make sure that NGO’s get valid data?

Don’t worry about Tech Stack and Team Size.