Event of swecha in CMREC

5 days workshop in August 1st week
After workshop Hakathon
Workshop topics:
1st day - linex
2nd day- python and pandas
3rd day- impact session on GAFAM and AADHAR
4TH and 5th DAY- Machine learning / Artificial Intelligence

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Even Include GLUG Activities…
What about any projects for our college??
Can we have series of events so that we can run a seperate Winter Camp for CMR Group!

yeah … on what we are going to conduct the HACKATHON

Hey! After Dussera, HOD of Information Technology requested us for a guest lecture on a topic. But topic yet to decide. And even she is very supportive for us towards our events. So we can organise couple of workshops in our college.

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Surveillance Capitalism will be a good topic to start with,Maybe this would be a good start for future events.

Hey in the plan of conducting activities, we need to plan in CMREC, MREC, MRCET, NMREC in which we have much scope to do after holidays

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They are expecting the Tech Session i.e on Current trending tech like Data Science or Machine Learning and so on. Even after the one day sessio, they are planning make it a hands-on session. We should plan accordingly.

As festival is done, we can plan activities accordingly. We shall have GLUG calls accordingly with individual colleges and then fix and confirm the dates without any delay.