F-Droid, the 'Freedom' version of android play store

  • F-Droid is a community-maintained software repository for Android, similar to the Google Play store.

  • The main repository, hosted by the project, contains only free libre software apps.Applications can be browsed and installed from the F-Droid website or client app without the need to register for an account.

  • “Anti-Features” such as advertising, user tracking, or dependence on nonfree software are flagged in app descriptions.

  • The website also offers the source code of applications it hosts, as well as the software running the F-Droid server, allowing anyone to set up their own app repository.

  • The F-Droid repository contains a growing number of more than 2,600 apps, compared to over 1.43 million on the Google Play Store. The project incorporates several software sub-projects:

    • Client software for searching, downloading, verifying, and updating Android apps from an F-Droid repository.
    • fdroidserver – tool for managing existing and creating new repositories
    • Jekyll-based website generator for a repository

F-droid is more useful for android mobiles and it is open source .
we can download every app alternate source to playstore


Yes F-droid is useful:relieved::handshake::handshake:


@Sreeja Thanks for the detailed explanation but please change the title to “Free and Open Source Software” instead of “Opensource” , F-Droid clearly states it in the description.

F-Droid clearly labels :label: the apps which have anti features. This is very important factor for a user to decide if he wants to allow those anti features :thinking: or not.

List of Anti-Features