Gosharing (Share and Grow)

Here our project mainly works on principle of sharing the things that people have.We are providing a platform to share different ideas,clothes,books and other accessories that anyone needs.This idea is similar to the concept of sharing economy where balance is being maintained between each individual.Through sharing of books everyone can acquire wide range of knowledge.Through sharing of ideas,collaborations and improvement in ideas is possible,any suggestions can help us in modifying things and make our work better.
Our idea is basically to collect books and other sources and deliver them to other people and collect from them and share them according to the requirement.


What technologies are you using?
Is this going to be a Web app or Android App?

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i think if this project is expanded to larger scale like sharing unwanted clothes ,food, supplying books (like giving previous year books instead of throwing it away )to poor or the needy people ,etc.we can even extend it more but its better to start with small aspect.