Green house monitoring

Green house temperature should not go below a certain degree, High humidity can result to crop transpiration, condensation of water vapour on various greenhouse surfaces, and water evaporation from the humid soil. To overcome such challenges, this greenhouse monitoring and control system comes to rescue. This project demonstrates the design and implementation of a wireless sensor networks for greenhouse environment monitoring and controlling. This greenhouse control system consists of temperature sensor, light sensor, soil moisture sensor, LDR sensor, LCD display module, 12v DC fan, Bulb and pump. Temperature sensor, senses the level of temperature., if it goes high DC fans gets on and when the temperature goes low the fan gets off. Soil moisture sensor, senses the water level as the level decreases the pumps gets on. In the absence of light, the LDR sensor senses and the bulb starts glowing. By this way it will become easy to monitor and control the system.

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