Heath Monitoring System-Smart Health Kit #OHD #SIP2019

Main Theme of The Project: To Build an IoT based Health Monitoring System which records the patient heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure and ECGs and which can give an alert as a message whenever those readings goes beyond critical values /in a critical situation.Medical IoT devices gather vital data and transfer that data to doctors for real-time tracking, while dropping notifications to people about critical parts via mobile apps and other linked devices. Real-time monitoring via connected devices can save lives in event of a medical emergency like heart failure, diabetes, asthma attacks, etc.

Proposed Outcome : The proposed outcome of the project is to build a system to provide world-class medical aid to the patients even in the remote areas with no hospitals in their areas by connecting over the internet and grasping information through it about their health status via the devices provided in the kit using a microcontroller which would be able to record the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure ,body temperature , oxygen and blood sugar levels and ECGs…The system would be smart to intimate the patient’s family members and their doctor about the patient’s current health status and full medical information in case any medical emergency arises.


u r idea u is quite intresting ! through this we will be able to save lot of people…but for suppose if the current network connection is lost due to some reasons during transfer of data then how can v able to get the current condition of patient if he goes to acritical state…i mean if the health kit gets all the data and all of sudden there is failure in current how the data will be sent to the respective hospitals…can we send the data in an indirect way …? i dont know much about iot but i will be eager to learn from your words ,so my doubt is as example for messaging ve doesnt need any connected path for current ,we can send it directly if in ours and other person network is available so can we send the data in the case as just as messaging in lack of current(network) issue…sorry if i had spoken something unusual but i want to know is that possible?


Yeah,its good to see that you have an idea or doubt and commented on the idea without any hesitation!!
Actually,we have kept just an abstract/glimpse of our idea here not the complete equipment we are using or the process that we are following in the project.
So,here we use a NodeMCU which is a wifi module which we can connect to our mobile’s hotspot of our mobile data…and we also get the collected data in our mobile using PWA(Progressive Web Application).
Anyways,if you have any ideas regarding this you can contribute to us through :pray::blush:https://code.swecha.org/healthcare/Health-Monitoring-System_Smart-Health-Kit.git
by reading Contribution.md file & still if you have any doubts you can ask here :point_right: :point_right::slightly_smiling_face: Heath Monitoring System-Smart Health Kit #OHD #SIP2019