Hospital Finder

Many people face difficulties in identifying the hospitals nearer to them and end up taking the patient to the hospital which is far from them. This may lead to many unexpected situations.In the existing system, when the user tries to find the nearest hospital, many hospitals are pinned on the map often confusing the user to decide the nearest hospital.

To overcome the drawbacks of the existing system, this app is designed to locate one hospital which is nearest to the user. The application is so powerful that it can easily identify the user’s location and then it can give the route to the nearest hospital through Global Positioning System(GPS) enabled navigation that precisely determines geographical location by receiving GPS coordinates information from the GPS satellites.

It also reduces manual work which includes searching for the nearest hospital and also helps in saving the user’s time. One should just login in to the app and the app will identify the user’s location and will calculate the distance from the user’s location to all the hospitals and the closest hospital is pinned on the map. The distance is also displayed on the screen of the user i.e the distance from the user’s location to the nearest hospital in kilometers. This app seeks permission to access the location of the user, only while using the app to identify the user’s location and to help locate the hospital.


Nice idea:ok_hand:. I think it will help the people who are facing the similar issues. All the best.:+1:

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Hi Sumedhaa

Nice Idea. Following are the few doubts from my end

  1. When we were in emergency , we usually approach 108/104 and then they will take us to the nearest hospital based on our illness
  2. Now if the GPS locates only one nearest hostpital and that fine , but what if we reach there and they say they have no vacancy or the specific illness not being treated here so again we need to check for the nearest hosptial I guess

Mallikarjuna Desu

Thank you for the reply @Sumedhaa , it is such a great idea and the also the project scope. Way to go !!!