How do we increase usage of RTI ( Right to Information )?

The right to information is a powerful tool we have in our country.

This is a boost to all rationalists & people believing in truth ( verifiable truth ).

It is a necessity I feel that most of the students, working people are not aware of this. Let us have discussion on how we can campaign about RTI. How RTI can empower us ?

How Free software can be used to boost the RTI campaign?


The question is the other way around.

How can RTI boost Free Software Movement?

The RTI happens to be a tool, a very sharp one. More than campaigning about the tool, We should help create more stories of its usage than its features. The more the usage, the more people try to learn its features.

A classic example I learned is from the latest blog written by Srujana ( We may explain and make people understand about the law but as long as it is not serving any purpose in their lives, they don’t care about it.

RTI is boosting many of the social movements in India. We should make use of it as well. Let us explore how RTI boosts and enhances our Free Software Movement, Open Access Movement, Open Hardware Movement and Open Design Movement. Along with that, we will have to also explore how RTI can help academicians, developers and other volunteers of the movements.

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