Installation of debian 9

Here we are going to discuss about how the debian 9 is installed and the user comes to know how the debian is installed and use of debian


While installing debian. I faced some problems during installation.

Can i have the commands or details how to install debian

Here are few simple steps to install Debian on your machine using a bootable disk.

1.Go to and Download the ISO.
2.Flash it into a Pen drive with Minimum of 4GB using etcher or Rufus.(which you’re comfortable with)
3.Backup your data into a partition or copy to an external drive.
4.Boot your machine along with Bootable pen drive selecting USB boot.
5.Format your Hard drive/Partition where you boot.
6.Split your hard drive to make an “/” partition , “Swap of size => your ram” , “EFI” (if needed).
7.Install and Wait.

For Any Kind of queries:

I got graphics initially but later it vanished and when i opened any application it used to get restart .

press CTRL+ALT+Fn (2 or 3) so that it directly deals with command prompt and do updates and ugrade to the system (sourcelists,apt,)etc