Interactive Map for colleges

we are planning to make an interactive map for colleges for better navigation and look.


it would be best idea for new comers and who visits the college,
it would be more interactive to public if we link this idea to maps ,
when any stranger reaches at that place or institution then the map of college or institution should expose through maps itself.


Can you elaborate more clear how you want to do this project like you want to integrate with the maps or you want make it as a imaginary view


@BacchuRamesh You must check out this discussion ,that is why im mentioning you here. :smile:

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@imshankar25 check this out mr.8 . This looks amazing and cool idea!!!


@tharun.thana idea is good but can u elaborate the topic more clearly:innocent:

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@Prajeeth This looks amazing:+1:.Check out this discussion


@Prajeeth this is very interesting nice project. We can solve atleast one problem. This project gives the interaction between the colleges which is very important.


Its a very good idea for better navigation and look.It is very innovative.:innocent:


Check out this discussion,This looks amazing.

I wish i could watch it come alive , its amazing to look at your institute go in that way. Every one can see how it looks around colleges.

@saileshwar Its a Good topic :slightly_smiling_face:,Check this out

@tharun.thana The idea of making interactive map is a good idea. When taughting about this we usually get few more ideas like mapping clg, 3D design of clg(using Blender),mapping the route using Panorama etc etc., know about the instances and there usage along with methods for mapping.

plz try to elaborate this ,on how you are progressing…by the way it’s a wonderful idea brother:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: