IOT Device Controlling App

An app which is capable of providing basic functionality like adding a button for a fan, light etc. When the user wants to install a fan with IoT control to it, he/she gets a prescribed Microcontroller, installs the app. He/She adds a button, tells the app that it should be for a fan. He/She will get instructions to connect the processor to the phone. We will compile the predefined code into the processor. He/She will get instructions about how to connect the processor like DIY instructions. After he/she connects, he/she can operate the fan with commands like “Turn on the fan” “Turn off the fan”.

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Is that limited to only same network(LAN) or can be controlled on Wide Area Network WAN too?
What components are we going to use?

The basic idea is to facilitate the installation and controlling of IoT devices. If we have to install a smart bulb in the house, we need to buy devices of those companies which provide IoT support like Philips, Syska etc. This project aims to facilitate the conversion of normal devices into smart systems. When a bulb costs around 50 rupees, smart bulb costs 750 rupees. The app tells you to buy a microprocessor which costs around 150 rupees in local electronic stores, and then provides you support to control it using phone. It basically has sample code prewritten from our side. When they install it according to the instructions we give, people can install and set up instructions to turn on and off the bulb.

We won’t need any hardware components as such. We prescribe some processor which can typically be an ardiuno based microcontroller.
and we write some code to turn on and off a device which is configured previously in that smartphone. So we will be controlling it only within a certain range. Wifi at house should be sufficient.

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