Is PHP good for a Career?

Hello All, I am working on a PHP project which is a Measurement Converter, Its primary objective - Develop a converter program for the area, length, speed, temperature, volume, and weight. Now i am looking for a job. I have enjoyed PHP for a long time but I have never taken a job in PHP due to what I hear about salaries and I have checked on interviewbit for an average salary of PHP developer. Also, Can anyone provide me the source code of Measurement Converter project?

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Hello, Ankit. It’s great to see that you are developing applications and looking for a career in development.

My suggestion would be to continue learning other technologies and don’t stop with PHP. Don’t forget that around 95% of websites were actually built in PHP. You will always find so many openings for PHP developers. But with latest advancements in visual programming tools and so many new frameworks and libraries, the demand for PHP developers has reduced.

So, try to explore different technologies, contribute to free software and open-source projects based on the technology you have learnt, work on projects aimed at solving real world problems. If you are looking for opportunities in web development, also try to gain knowledge on UI/UX principles, responsive designing, MySQL, Git, any cloud platform, software testing and data structures too :slight_smile: