Learn how to add 2FA(Two Factor Authentication) to your git instance

  1. Go to your Git account.

  2. Click on settings in the top-right corner.

  3. Go to Account settings from the side nav.

  4. You will find this. click on Enable 2FA.

  5. Download FreeOTP Mobile app on your device and scan the Barcode given.
    so that your account is added there.
    By tapping on the added git link in FreeOTP, it gives you an OTP to enter. (the same way each time you log in)

  6. Copy the Keys given.

  7. Finally, 2FA is added to your account and need to enter OTP every time you log in.


@Yuvraj The above tutorial is really helpful. Thanks.

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Also, we can use FreeOTP from F-Droid store for the instant OTP purpose. We should write a tutorial for that too!

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@Yuvraj can we add 2FA to all apps or only few are allowed?. Can you let me know if it is possible or not.

We generally add 2FA to Discourse ,CMS’s e.t.c which requires higher security.
If there is a privilege to add 2FA in any webapp, do try enjoying it.