Legacy font to Unicode conversion

For the Devnagri script (used in Hindi, Marathi language), there were fonts like ShreeDev, Shivaji etc in use in govt agencies before Unicode came about. There are still some offices where the data entry person is too comfortable with that, or some private company has a contract binding them to a software like ShreeLipi. There are GRs enforcing unicode, but implementation is nonlinear.

Documents stored with that font cannot be opened without the matching font file, and cannot be read on mobile or tablets. This website has built simple javascript converters to convert text matter from legacy Devnagri fonts to Unicode.

Have similar converters been built for Telugu and other South Indian Languages too? If yes then please share.

It is possible to design such a converter… one just needs to map which character was used for which symbol. Preceding maatraa’s need some work (needs to be placed after the main letter and then conversion applied so that unicode renders it properly. In fact, with Python one can make the converter work with rich text documents, spreadsheets, and preserve text formatting also.

See sample map with a few Hindi fonts: https://i.imgur.com/ICUC6Wk.png