Live vehicle location tracking system

Live vehicle location system is a project which provides user to track the current location of the vehicle instilled. This system will also expand to send notification to the device connected.Here we are using sim808 GSMGPS combined module where gps module is used to track the vehicle location.And the gsm module is used here to provide wifi network to the nodemcu.And we use gps antenna gsm antenna,And also here we use MQTT protocol to connect to server.Here we use thingsboard as server. and we print the location of the vehicle in the iot dashboard.
we dont use any web app here .we are giving the data through device.and after getting the location we use leaflet of openstreet maps and show the location in it.finally location of is observed in the openstreetmaps.


Need Proper explanation?
Whose vehicle is being tracked?
what for it is being tracked?

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This project is for tracking any vehicle and this is majorly a hardware kit which is used for tracking of bus for RTC bus tracking and for knowing the location of a car when met with an accident or car been stopped if the driver is drunk and for many other applications


need to add more information ?

Example : you are talking hardware kit which tracks a Vehicle, So what are components your are going to use and how you going to represents them (Web App/ Mobile App).


We are using gsm gps module , nodeMCU and we will first try with web application

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please do add all this inforamtion in ur project description

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@swathi_05 the topic should be more clear . :blush:

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concept is really good and useful too but it makes readers comfortable if the topic is more clear :grinning:


@G.Meghana its true that the topic should be elaborated:innocent:


this is a great use of this source - openstreet maps, :grin: I felt the description could be more easier to understand , and would like to know more about the technology as i have to write something on this software :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face: thankyou !!

and osmand in phones can be used for general purpose
here -

Tpoic is amazing but need information, anyhow it is now provided in discussion.

@amithsai222 it’s an amazing idea . check this discussion to get more idea about it:blush: