Low cost wireless internet

This paper describes an innovative concept using tethered Aerostats as a platform for raising wireless communication payload, which overcomes the two main limitations of high towers listed above. Tethered aerostats are an outcome of Lighter-Than-Air Technology, where static lift production mechanism is based on the Archimedes Principle [1]. An aerostat does not require any additional energy to reach to a certain height.

For a given volume of envelope that contains the lighter than air gas, displaced weight of air creates a vertically upward buoyant force that leads to the lift. One or more Ballonets are provided inside the envelope to adjust the buoyancy.

The envelope volume is large enough to ensure that the displaced air should be able to produce sufficient lift, under the entire range of operating conditions, to balance all the weight groups of the aerostat system, viz., envelope, fin, nose battens, ballonets, pivot mechanism, payload, tether, recovery system, gas filling ports, and safety valves.

Aerostats are used all over the globe as a platform to house high-resolution sensors for applications such as aerial surveillance, regional atmospheric data collection and balloonbarrage system. Depending on the payload, range of surveillance, and operational time, these aerostats can be launched to any desired altitude from a few meters above ground level to as high as 5000 m above ground level. Of course, the payload carrying capacity of an aerostat is reduced as the operational height is increased.


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