Master Resource Person/Volunteer Training in Python at Swecha 19th & 20th August

What is this about ?

Swecha is a community that encourages peer to peer learning and self learning approaches to gaining skills and knowledge. This what we implement whenever we conduct any events. As Swecha volunteers, we not only excel at technology but we also share our knowledge with everyone else.

To this end, we have to sharpen both our tech skills and our presentation skill. That is the goal of this program


This volunteer session will focus on Python and Introduction to Free Software.
You will not only learn the technology but also how to convey that efficiently.

Some more concerns

  • Please bring a laptop if you have. Install debian on it before.
  • If you already know python -> great !. You can sharpen what you already know and make it a presentation. We can also proceed to advanced things like Django or Pandas.

When and Where ?

19th and 20th at Swecha Office