Medicine tracking

We can just search for a medicine in the required quantity in the medical shops near us and directly go to a specific pharmacy and pick it up instead of going to 10 different pharmacies and then learning that the medicine is not available at that particular shop.
Specially at this time of pandemic we need to reduce the crowding and also avoid unnecessarily going out. Eventually this is going to be the "new normal ".


This too sites help people to order medicine online, we need not go anywhere for medicine.

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Right now, in this situation of pandemic, we cannot trust the delivery guys, we never know which all places they have been to before visiting us. Its always better to go and collect the medicine because we will be very self conscious and take all the precautionary measures. Also there are many apartments and colonies that do not allow the delivery boys into the hosing premises.


this is online delivery applications , but Medicine tracking is nothing but an application search engine that is used to search a particular medicine in result it shows the availability in nearby medical shops. So that the concerned person can reach out and pick it up directly to the particular shop !!

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