Method of Working in Coordination Committee

Each Coordination committee has several Division Committees (DC) under each division committee there will be multiple Area committees (AC) working to create Networks using any of our Nodes.

1. Coordination Committee  ->  Verticles
2. Division Committee      ->   Areas
3. Area Committee          ->   Networks

Coordination Committee is divided into Verticles. A Verticle deals with a specific domain of the activity.

The following are the list of Verticles:

  • Verticle 1: Camps and Internships.
  • Verticle 2: Workshops and STC (Swecha Technology Centers).
  • Verticle 3: Balaswecha and SRC (Swecha Resources Centers).
  • Verticle 4: Rural activity and Freedombox.

Division Committees (DC) is divided into areas to work with Area Committees.

Nodes are typically ‘Institutions’ that we help build or make better with technology.
Eg: Engineering College, Hospital, School, Industry etc

Networks are people who may or may not be part of these institutions. But Area committees organize these Networks to achieve the desired goal of implementing the technology.