Mobile flashing tools for PC

There are different methods for flashing a cell phone, which are full flash and partial flash. What will happen to your phone will vary depending on whether you undertake a full or partial flash.
These are the different flash tools to flash mobile phones with the PC :

1. Cyber Flashing

2. Flash&Backup

3. BlackBerry Easy Flasher New Edition 2012

4.Android devices flashing software from All Mobile Tools

5.Smart phone flash tool

6. Flashing Utility

7. KingRoot

8. LG Mobile Flashing Software

9. Kingo Root

10.Sony Mobile Flasher


Can anyone suggest me a flashing tool for Samsung tab3v

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SamsungOdin flash tool for PC user.
Download Mobile Odin ( for Android.


I have issue with the permissions of my tablet. It is not allowing me to flash.

Try to give allow all the related debugging and OEM option in developer mode.