Mozilla's "Privacynotincluded" excludes GAFAM devices

The list at is all about how you can protect your privacy by choosing the right hardware which would “spy less” on you. They even had a special privacynotincluded tag for some device which “spy a lot” on its consumers.

Having such a list is a great idea and one must appreciate Mozilla for doing so, but once you start going into the details of some devices it gets spooky :skull_and_crossbones: Most of the GAFAM devices get a nice passaway and after reading them it feels like yes they are normal devices which are just doing their job. This is very troublesome and the word I would like to use is “White washing”

Let me take an example of a GAFAM device Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell , they themselves in the description say that it can snoop on consumers but they don’t give the label privacynotincluded for it. Its a doorbell with full video access connected to Google cloud… they can’t give this the label :label: ?

Similarly Amazon Kindle also didn’t get the label but most importantly its competitor Kobo which supports opensource book formats got the :hash: privacynotincluded label :scream:. The reason given was

They may share your personal Information with service providers, business partners or affiliates, retail partners, or by selling it to third parties for marketing purposes. And, we’re not sure you can even delete the data they collect on you. You can request that data be corrected. There was no mention of deletion in the privacy policy.

^ So in other words a missing privacy policy and being a competitor for GAFAM product makes the device to be on the :hash: privacynotincluded list :thinking:

A detailed comparison of products would make up for interesting argument on white washing by mozilla. :-1: