New Coordination Committees from erstwhile Telangana Rural Coordination Committee

From the last two months, Telangana Rural Coordination committee (TRCC) has taken a new shape to form 7 Coordination committees comprising the entire Telangana State. These Coordination committtes will be directly reporting to the Executive committee (EC) of Swecha. The following is the list of 7 Coordination Committee along with the geographical borders:

1. Paleru సమన్వయ పరిది

2. Kinnerasani సమన్వయ పరిది

3. Medaram సమన్వయ పరిది

4. Kakatiya సమన్వయ పరిది

5. Maneru సమన్వయ పరిది

6. Praanahitha సమన్వయ పరిది

7. Padamata (West) సమన్వయ పరిది


Adding to the above as was explained by @Sudhamsh in other group the parameters for these boundaries above are as follows

  1. Cultural borders
  2. Market borders
  3. Cadre presence
  4. Travel ease with in a coordination committee.

We can see a very neat explanation of the functioning of these committees at Method of Working in Coordination Committee :ok_hand:

As anyone can observe Hyderabad and its surrounding regions are missing from the map. It would be very nice if the Urban group ( TUCC) joins the umbrella and makes the Telangana state complete.

Some of the primary advantages for that proposal are

  • Completeness of T state.
  • Sharing of resources.
  • Increase in solidarity and bonding among diverse regions.