Our Future Post-Covid : Jobs & Higher Education & the Economy

Welcome to our Panel Discussion on Our Future Post Covid: Jobs & Higher Education & the Economy

Our panelists for today are:

  • Prof K S Rajan, IIIT-Hyd, OSGEO, EC Member, Swecha
  • Prof L Pratap Reddy, Chairman, Swecha
  • Dr. Praveen Arvind, Post Doctoral Fellow, Princeton University, PhD from Univ of Edinburgh
  • Ramprasad, Office Principal, ThoughtWorks Hyderabad
  • Praveen Chandrahas, Gen Sec For IT

Please post your questions here. If you want a specific panelist to answer the query please mention the name of the panelist too.


How will be the Future of Startups which are established few years back and also which are going to start /started this year? - Anyone can answer.

What are the chances of Foreign Companies investing in India post COVID?
How long might it take for the Indian Economy to recover? Anything that we can do as Citizens to contribute?

All the select students are here by informed that, unless you complete the course work (all subjects, viva voce examination and results) no company will onboard virtually. It is compulsory for everyone of you to follow the department guidelines and obey the same.

When you are working on online training or virtual training programs organised by the select company, it’s mandatory to complete it effectively, if anyone is failed to complete in given time those will not be on-boarded as per the company rules.

As per the discussion with the recruitment team of different companies,
TCS and IBM students may get onboarding after June/July.
Capgemini students may have early joining when compared to others.
Other companies work on the bulk joining method, so we may expect they will get onboarding after completing the end semester exams of the university/region.

This is the message from my college for placed students.

I had completed my graduation, I want to go for my higher studies. Because of covid-19 I had to reschedule my plans. Now can I think of writing any research papers, learning topics deeonamd start writing papers and publish them? Or keep that plan aside and look for jobs?

Hi ,

I would like to know what can be the situation for candidates who are experienced around 1.5 / 2 and planning to switch the job or planing for higher studies. How can this pandemic situation effect them. ?