Patient Record Management system

Usually, We need to carry medical records to the hospital for the doctor’s reference to our past medications. So, if we have an emergency and don’t have medical records with us then it can be a problem. So our system contains the patient’s medical records and they can access it easily with their credentials. There will be two types of logins one is patient and the other is the hospital. Hospitals can get the patient’s records by taking the id of the patient and have an OTP verification so that patient privacy is maintained. There can be an emergency panel like we have emergency contacts in our mobile where the hospital can find out the patient basic details using his id. The Patients’s current treatment in the hospital will be visible so that if the patient wants to verify his treatment course anytime he can. The hospitals can transfer their cases to other hositals also. So if any ideas how can this be developed using machine learning are welcome. This is just an idea.