Raspberry Pi Based Open Source Tablet

A team of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts recently announced plans to release an open-source tablet, CutiePi, by the end of the 2019.

The CutiePi is hardly the first tablet built around one of Raspberry Pi’s tiny, low-cost computers. But it’s a pretty nifty looking addition to the category that combines an 8 inch touchscreen display with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Lite, a custom carrier board, and software to make the Linux-based Raspbian operating system touch-friendly.

CutiePie’s developers have a working prototype and hope to begin selling the tablet later this year. But the whole project is open source, so anyone who wants to build their own can check out the code and hardware design files and give it a try.


I got an open hardware device called OLIMEX A20 Lime2