Re-organizing folder structure of open design in Gitlab

It has been 11 months since we have created open design group in our self hosted gitlab.We’re close to 1 year.
To increase productivity of the usage, let us re-organize the folder structure to gain more reach and understand-ability.

Post your views in comment box. Some salient points I want to mention:

  • Post only templates with clear annotations.
  • Provide documentation for design.
  • License the artwork

Any other points you want to add are highly appreciated :slight_smile:


yes, Joel we need to re-organize the folder structure

we need to create issue templates also

I hope proper attribution is being given to the artwork which has been taken from external sources obviously also the licenses involved. Fonts are a tricky part inside design, we have to be careful about not using non-free fonts.

Excluding the legality part, can you suggest a good structure for this process.

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We have to upload templates for different purposes.

For now I can suggest:

  • Certificate
  • Event invitation
  • Quotes
  • Speaker profile

Do add more in comments.