Self care plant



The objective of the project is to develop a prototype for plant monitoring and watering system using NodeMCU as processor and Internet of Things technology.

In this work, IoT concept is introduced to connect devices through Internet and facilitate information access by the users. The system monitors different parameters like temperature, humidity, soil moisture, rain, soil pH .

Soil moisture related to water content which a factor that affects the plant growth. The process of watering plants is generally done manually regardless of the volume of water needed by plants. This project discusses about an automated prototype and a system that have the function of watering plants based on the soil moisture level. The process starts from the detection of soil moisture by the sensor. If soil moisture value is detected on certain level, then the device activates the watering function by opening the valve from the solenoid valve to drain water to the pipe. When the soil moisture detected more then that level, the device stops the watering function. Soil pH sensor is used to determine the health of plant regarding nutrients. If the rain is sensed the the rain sensor gets activated and motor does not operate. The motor fixed in the filed operates automatically depending on moisture sensor and the rain sensor results in soil.Motor automatically switches between on and off stage of pumping action.