Swecha DATA - Week

Data, commonly known as information is a
Combined set of states which is stored,
analyzed and then shared.In computer systems it is stored as Symbols or signals that are input,stored, and processed by a computer for output as usable information.Data can be in anyone’s hand and can be shared to many number of people.programs is also a category of data but is a collections of instructions for manipulating data.

What is data week? why is it so called?
Data week is an event or workshop conducted to share the knowledge and information which one knows. This knowledge is shared in less duration of time may be days,weeks and even months and years,to a shorter period it called as data week.When he/she share their knowledge other get to know about and even they get improved by shared it to others.

To my knowledge, Data week has started many years long and is used in different prospectives. One use it for lectures,one for practice,and other for work.However its main intention is to shared data.

How is this data-week different from that ?
This data-week usually started to share the knowledge to many number of people.This is conducted by a Organisation called Swecha, who’s main aim is “When knowledge is shared among two people those two gets more knowledge.Likewise when those two share their knowledge few other get knowledge from them”.

Swecha,as an Organisation is meant to share the information that humans need, in a good and effective way.It is a free software and open hardware based community working for knowledge barring no Profits. The people from Swecha who work as volunteers conduct events to share the information and knowledge that they have known to every people all over the world.

Events that Swecha conducts are listed as
Techdays, summer and winter camps, data-week,etc.They share knowledge may be a technical or non-technical staff. Technologies that Swecha teaches includes:-
AR and VR (JS,Aframe,WebGL,LeafLet,Open Street Maps),
WoT (IoT),
Data Analysis (Superset,Pandas),
Design (inkscape, openshot, blender).
Other than that they also conduct debates, group discussions, screening, Group Activities etc.

Know more about Swecha at: https://Swecha.org

Once such data-week is conducted in cvsr college of engineering in Hyderabad which is named as “Swecha Data - Week” which was conducted for 5days where many students attended the event.The students whoever attended the event where taught about technologies like HTML, CSS,JS and Linux
software administration.Everyone who attended the event got knowledge about the technologies they were taught and they have done tasks as daily works.We also have Hackathon as the final day event where students themselves build some website, webpages,small games etc.,the event went good and we hope that we will conduct this type of events for students to share knowledge and we are glad to be a part of Swecha.

Date of event:
6th,7th,13th,14th,28th of july

Number of participants:118

Speakers for the event where:

Free software introduction - Akhil
Linux Administration - Harisai
Gitlab - Siddhartha
HTML, CSS- Nithin
JS - Sai Bhavani
DOM - Supriya

Volunteers involved:
Shiva sai

Zonal committee members involved:

Executive Committee Swecha:
Bhuvan Krishna
Ganesh katrapati

Validictory speaker:
Satya guru

Here are some pics taken on the day of Hackathon.