Team-14 : Agro Analyser

                                                 **AGRO - ANALYSER**
                                                                                                  -By  Code ‘O’ Holics
                                                                                                                 (Team 14)


Our Project is purely based on helping farmers and the Government by analysing the previous data regarding

In this project were are going to predict, for which crop farmer we are going to give loan waiving and which crop to cultivate which is suited to that region.

This is done by analysing the their crop cultivation cost and crop value in the market and calculating profit by it.

crop cultivation cost
price of crops in market
profit or loss to farmer


**Farmers :

By analysing the previous data , it estimates the type of crop that suits the environment based on the weather forecast and ground water level.

It helps farmers to avoid the loss to a maximum extent.

We can predict the profitable crop cultivation by our analysis.

Government :

It helps the government to avoid the loan waiving for those farmers who had profits after the sales of their crops.

This helps the Government by saving their money that can be used in other ways
for the development.

As farming plays a major role in our state , this analysis can help the government to have a proper idea about the amount to be invested on agriculture.

Conclusion :

This may not be 100% accurate but gives the best results that can make agriculture better in our state.


it is a good idea
may i know whether it is a website or an application just to have more clarity about your idea.