Team-15 : Kissan App

Main Motto : Farmers should get profit
Our Project is all about Farming and Selling Crops

  • Farmers are not getting any profits for what they did for 4-6 months because manyothers came in to
    the picture b/w Farmers and customers.

  • I think Farmers are not getting profitable as with the Market value.But rather than Farmers all others
    are gaining profit with the crop Business.

  • So,Our project helps the farmers and the peoples to sell and buy the crops,vegetables,fruits as with
    the market value.
    And the farmers can see the market status as well

  • This Project helps you to OrganicFarming as well so we can have the quality product.And aslo gives the suggestion to grow let’s say X,Y,Z crop in this area and year.


Hi Prashanth, the proposal is good we already have a prototype of this project ( look into that and add feature requests from your idea. please let us know your team number so that we can cross check and allot you this one.

I’ve already seen that but in unsolved,my team and I are intrested in making an App of this project.
Our Team is 15