TechDays - Graphic Design

This is a thread for Activity template

** Activity Goal: **
A Four - week training in Design Concepts

** Activity Format:**
3-Hour Workshop on Every Sunday

** Activity Syllabus:**

  • Intro to Design, Canvas and Shapes
  • Color Theory
  • Typography & Wireframes
  • Design-a-thon

Lets build a detailed topic wise breakup and supportive activities.


In 3 hours, we will introduce the chapters regarding each topic briefly.

  • Guidelines will be given as a pamphlet
  • Material and homework will be provided.

@joelvinaykumar Let us discuss more comprehensive information and syllabus

I’m re-arranging the order.

Session #1 :

  • Introduction to design as a world.
  • How design changed the world.
  • Introduction to digital design.
  • Digital Design tools
  • Canvas & Importance of dimensions

Session #2 :

  • Color theory
  • Color palettes
  • Color combinations
  • Shapes
  • Combination of shapes

Session #3:

  • Typography
  • Choosing typography
  • Typographical logos
  • Wireframes
  • Using wireframes to boost productivity

Session #4:
One logo, One wireframe, One poster designathon.

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@joelvinaykumar this looks good we can go head with this syllabus

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Ok. What about 3D open design you were telling of ?

I know no 3D designer in my circles. If we can arrange one, we can conduct similar workshop as a sprint for the next month. As in the month after Inkscape is done.

Yes let go with 2D design for this TechDays and plan 3d open design for next month.

@sainithin and @joelvinaykumar Help me list the Volunteers for this activity.

For now,

  • Pavan Chowdary - Aaron Glug
  • Akhil Nani
  • Akhila
  • Nitin
  • Yuvraj Chowdary
  • Udaya
  • Ravali
  • Vamsi Krishna
  • Shiva Sai
  • Asif
  • Sanjit Singh Chauhan

These are list of volunteers I have in mind. We need to personally talk to them how much time can they spend for activities.

  • aravind
  • yuvaraj
  • prashanth
  • shanumuk
  • shraddha
  • akshith
  • priyanka
  • kalyan

These are list of volunteers @bhavabhuthi :+1:

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hey! So, @sainithin asked me to share my thoughts on this one… got a little delayed because of some personal work… here we go.

I really like the choice of the concepts and the break down. According to my knowledge, with this topics the user can get some design sense of what color, shape and type to use in any of their designs, be it logo, wireframe or posters. I guess that’s the takeaway for the sessions you guys are also aiming for.

I do have some input on the way we should deliver it. Teaching design can become boring pretty quickly. You can talk for hours with no end and the users feel enlightened but once the session is done they will reach home with an empty mind. So, to avoid that we need to balance theory and practical. Each topic listed above should have a simple exercise they should do during the workshop got get a practical understanding of what we are talking about.

As an example when you are talking about shapes, you need to have few exercises on compositions in inkscape or krita to get an idea of how the shapes and their sizes affect the perception of the design.

Let me know if you guys need any help!


I can help with the 3D blender workshop series!
Let me know if you guys need any help!

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Thank you @cgcnu , Yes I agree with that would boring if we go with only theory we need to plan practical along with it

@joelvinaykumar, @sainithin and @bhavabhuthi Along with this sessions we should also teach them how to make open street mapping and 3d models of their respective clgs.


Open Street mapping is different from Graphic Design.
3D modelling of a college, comes under 3D Graphic Design.

Open-GIS is the topic relevant to OSM.

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