Throb Alert


In our day-to-day life we have been observing many accident cases where the victim is in helpless condition and couldn’t access the hospital , due to lack of availability or immediate access to hospital because of which people are loosing their lives.
Also there are many missing cases being recorded or filed. Some of the cases are resolved but some results in tragedy and end up with death of victim.
Throb Alert is a smart gadget which can aid both the situations.

a.GSM(Global System for Mobile communication) -1
b.GPS Tracker -1
c.Pulse Rate Tracker -1
d. Node MCU -2
e.Buzzer -1
f.Buttons -5
g.Connecting Wires
h.Smart Watch/Band
Throb Alert gadget will track the pulse and identify that the person is in danger and it will also identify the GPS location and send the message to near by hospitals through GSM.
And also when the person is kidnapped or in any danger then also it will track the location when the person press emergency button and send the message to near by Police stations of the victim’s location.

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