Unlettered scrutiny

Literacy rate in India is a key for social economic progress,but the India’s literacy rate has increased sluggishly because of the persisting illiterates in the rural and urban areas of some states .so our project “UNLETTERED SCRUTINY” aims at providing an insight of illiteracy rate existing in districts of telangana i.e we will analyze and visualize the data based on past records ,will map the districts with highest ,lowest illiterates and make it liable for government so that government can take some improvement steps in order to enhance the literacy rate prevailing in rural districts of governments .


  1. Datset
    2.importing libraries
    3.tools required for visualisation
    4.for mapping Geopandas

if any further implementations that we could build ,we will but if anyone of u having any ideas on how to extend it further please suggest us.


How you’re going to acquire data.
How efficient will it be?


Like we have extracted means gathered our dataset from official website Telangana.data.gov.in .

Coming to efficiency the dataset was already uploaded by them so they have alread given the appropriate values for that so it’s a efficient and accurate Dataset.