Unravelling feminism

“Unravelling feminism” is a study circle where various topics related to feminism are taken and articles, papers, vedios, etc about the topic are read and discussed. People share their experiences and opinions. This event gives scope for fruitful discussions and grassroot level implementation of feminism.


Event template:
*Topic: The concept for the week.
*Description: Describing the topic in a few lines.
*Date: Date of the commencement of the event.
*Venue: Place at which the event takes place.
*References: Works to be discussed and read in the event.
*Schedule: The duration of introductions, works, discussions and future plan.
*Prerequisites: Concepts should be mentioned. (Members attending should be aware of particular concepts in order to understand the present event)


It seems that while women have been fighting for equality in workforce and breaking the glass ceiling, the aviation industry has had its head in the clouds, leaving the fight for equality 30,000ft below as it flies unperturbed in sexist haze.

Sexism Is In The Air: Female Flight Attendants Await Their Feminist Revolution

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